Things to Consider

Five Reasons Why Being an Inaugural Student is a Great Opportunity

Being among the first students at a brand-new school is something pretty special and unique. Inaugural students are integral to a school’s formation, reputation and character. There are also many benefits and opportunities that come from being the very first through the gate. Here’s some of the main reasons why getting in on the ground floor is an excellent option:

1. Create history

Imagine driving past a thriving, popular school and telling your friends (or even future children) “I was one of the first students who ever went there.” Attending school is an important part of life and most of us hold on to a few fond memories from our time in the classroom and yard at lunchtime. Being one of the very first students at a school adds an extra element of nostalgia and means you will have special memories literally no-one else will ever have. You would be truly creating history, just by attending school!

2. Brand-new facilities

Inaugural students literally go where no-one has before them – and that means fresh, swanky, brand-new facilities! Sparkling classrooms, top notch technology and a whole swag of areas that have been purpose-built for the future; students can test and trial new spaces to their heart’s content and access areas they may not otherwise frequently use. Having less students around also makes it easier to steal away a moment of peace and quiet, for either study or relaxation, in one of the brand-new spaces.

3. More leadership opportunities

Starting school with smaller pool of people may encourage some students to step outside their comfort zone and take on a leadership role or extra responsibilities when they otherwise may not. And when the next new cohort begins the following year, those more senior students will naturally take on a mentoring role, helping them to build valuable life and social skills such as self-confidence, kindness and tolerance. Being the first class means you’re always the student leaders, for your entire life at the school.

4. Help set the tone

Shape your own culture instead of stepping into an established one! Inaugural students are just as important to the tapestry of a new school as the staff, facilities and curriculum. Help to create traditions, foster a fun and collaborative environment across the cohort and raise your voice if you think there’s something that should be considered by the school community. Inaugural students can create the school they will be excited to attend for the rest of their schooling life.

5. Bonding with classmates, teachers and staff

Less students means more opportunity to meet others and spend more quality time with each of them. Inaugural students will likely know every other student, teacher and staff member at the school well by the time the first year is finished. This kind of bond and quality friendship creates an invaluable foundation for students as they grow through their schooling life, building a nurturing and collaborative atmosphere. Getting to know all the familiar faces also helps to facilitate wider family and community involvement.